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Educational child care supplies for kids with visual impairment

child care supplies

Visual Impairment in a child provides a number of challenges to the caregiver or parents. Hence, it is important to understand the psychology and special needs of the child in the beginning and then provide child care service. Various Child Care supplies are available in the market for such special caretaking.

According to the National Network for Childcare, USA Visual impairment refers to a large spectrum of vision problems starting from ‘’Lazy Eyes” to legal Blindness which is often referred to as 20/200 vision. Children with visual impairment are a diverse group with various different personalities. Some often turn aggressive while some become extremely introverted and very hard to manage. One of the easiest ways for a visually impaired child to not feel alone is to come in contact with another visually impaired child. Various Childcare supplies are available which provide entertainment and activities for the children to do together. Education is a very important tool for communication.

 A range of libraries now offer story books and text books for reading in Braille. This writing allows the person to feel the letters and read. Major publishing houses nowadays produce popular books in Braille which allows the visually impaired children to not miss out on pop culture. Braille writers, Braille translators, machines and software that turn normal text into Braille and vice-versa; which save time and effort, are innovative educational childcare supplies for these children. Books in Braille might also be provided with labels which allow children to quickly identify them.

Students might not always understand Braille and may prefer auditory learning. Special Recordings for the Blind and the Dyslexic are available which allow them to get exposed to various books, texts , stories etc from all major publishers from  kindergarten through college. Childcare supplies like audiobooks are available for download. Gadgets like the iPhone and iPad from Apple and similar Tablets from other companies act as portable playback devices for visually impaired children as well. Speaking Dictionaries and Talking Scientific Calculators designed by the Royal Institute for the Blind offer help and solace to High-School students.

child care supplies

 Touch is a very important sense for such children and education through Sensory based lessons can be useful. Children can be educated to respond to instructions relating to touch. For example, Child Care Supplies provides various cupboards and wardrobes which have special stickers and markers which allow the children to recognize them and hence become more self-sufficient. For toddlers Abacus’, Keyboards and joysticks allow the children with visual impairment to learn with touch being the primary sense. Various Speech synthesizing Softwares are now available which provide various instructions and lessons pre-recorded and taped which help these children to use some appliances better and learn at the same time. Examples of such software are JAWS which reads aloud material on the computer screen. This kind of software should be available in the classroom as well as at home. Thus, in the modern age Child Care Supplies provides a lot of help and assistance to these visually impaired children.  


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