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Different types of Daycare Toys

daycare toysAfter working in Daycare centers for quite a long time I felt a variety of toys are essential here. These toys should be so designed so as to nurture creativity in children and enrich their imagination. These toys help in building a balance amidst the five senses of a child and enhance his/her development socially, emotionally and physically.

Daycare centers categorize these toys on the basis of learning areas like literature, numericals, art and creativity, active and dramatic play.

Cognitive toys include alphabet cards, blocks, different counters, colorful picture books etc. These help children in developing a thought process. Depending upon the age of the child, board books may be used to enrich language skills, identify sight words and certain portions in stories. Some of the popular daycare toys include :building blocks for children  21 pieces of block set, Big Block Set – Set A & B, Block Mates – Dinosaur,  Block Mates – Farm, Block Mates – Safari, Grid Blocks – 16 Piece Set, Octagon Creative Blocks, Rainbow Blocks – Shimmering Water, Rainbow Blocks Set, Rainbow Blocks-Crystal Bead, Stacking Rainbow Pyramid, sturdiblock set, Popular wood blocks for children -5 pc, Hardwood Unit Block Set, Abel Block Set, Arches and Tunnels, Beginner Block Set – 75 pieces, Full Unit Block Set  – 680 pieces, Hollow Block Set – 18 pieces,  Intermediate Block Set – 118 pieces, Intermediate Block Set – 118 pieces, “Spring” Mat, Fish Bowl Mat, Four Color Pie Mat, Half Circle Activity Mat, Ladybug Activity Mat, soft climbers. These are some of the various types of daycare toys.

daycare toysChildren develop social ability while working with other children. Team work in classes could help in the development of sociability skills and at the same time learning. To socialize them recently I have purchased some active and dramatic play equipment. For active play I purchased ball pool, flower petal ball pool, 3 seater Rocker – Seesaw, Balance Base, Balance Beam, Enduring, Feber Phanty Pic-N-Rock, Multi Match Sensory Discs,  Play House Cube, Red Rocker, Red Rocker With Rails,  Sensory Stepping Stones, Step Bridge,  Step Rocking Boat, Toddler Low to the Ground Tunnel, puzzles, Sandbox with Lid, Swing Sets, Tent, Tool Box with Tool Rack, Tool Workshop, Transportation, Activity Rug, Tri-fold Beauty Shop & Stool,  Easy Grip Paintbrushes, Flannel board with scenery, Q-tips, Playpen, dolls, plush toys and plush animals etc.

 For Dramatic Play I havepuppet stands and different types of puppets such as career puppets, educational puppets, Bible puppets and animal puppets.

 Running, bending, kicking, stretching are good examples of increasing gross motor skills. Different types of Daycare toys like Combo Climber, Tot Trot Playground Equipment, 4-Place Arched Swingset, 5′ High Tube Slide, Belt Seats, Bipod and Tripod Swingsets, Extreme Obstacle Course, Playsystem, Toddler Hill, Star Mountain, Circle Fun, garden tools, Toddler Slide, Infant Bouncer Car, hopscotch board, ring toss game, various ride-on-toys  Baby Rocky Yellow/Blue, Convertible Car Rollaround, Double Duck Rockey, Freight Truck Rollaround, Multi Tubmobile, Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Passenger Pickup Rollaround, Rocky Duck, Single Tubmobile, Puppy Ride-On, Retro Rocker Runabout, Squirrel Ride-On, ABC Jet Tricycle  all are the toys for gross motor development.

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