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Choosing the right kind of daycare toys

daycare toys

Selection of the right kind of daycare toys is based on a number of factors. Take a child to a toy store. He will be attracted to every other item on the shelf. But does that mean you have to give what he wants. No, it is important to judge his age and see if the toy is appropriate for him. Most toys come with labels which depict the age the toy is meant for. This has been derived through serious research by the toy manufacturer. It is very important that this advice is taken seriously. Look for other important instructions. For example, it is quite common to see an instruction like – Small pieces, use safely, avoid choking. It simply means that this toy should be kept beyond the reach of small children who have the tendency of popping small items in their mouths.

Today a lot of video games for children have violence in them. It is very important that the video is exposed to the age group for whom it is appropriate. It is not right to let younger kids play such games which are meant for older kids.

Many a times we look for toys which are fun but at the same time they have an educational element. Manipulatives are common examples whereby you learn as you do. Same is the case with puzzles and activity books. There are a variety of to do sets which the child uses to create things. It can be a set of mechanical parts which allows one to build vehicles and mechanical contraptions. Similarly you have electronics sets which allow you to make electronic items like a door bell by following a set of instructions. These are all learning toys and again they should be given to kids of appropriate age. Otherwise either the child will find it too simple or too difficult, both ways he loses interest. 

Daycare toys need to be robust. These are especially true for those toys where the child climbs on them. It could be a rocking chair or horse, a tricycle or a battery operated scooter. In all the cases, it is important that the item should be able to withstand the weight of the child and not break down when in use. In case of such eventuality, the child may get hurt seriously. 

daycare toys

Next is the question of colour or paint that has been used on the daycaretoy. The paint or coating should not be toxic which could cause serious health issues. Children have the habit of putting toys and parts in the mouth. The coating tends to peel off and finds its way into the stomach. The issue could start with a simple stomach upset and lead to serious ailments. Similarly toxic minerals in paints could cause itching of the skin and lead to serious skin allergies and ailments.

Soft toys tend to get dirty as they are tossed around by children. Look for the machine washable tag on the item. When they become dirty, wash and dry the item properly. Otherwise it could become a breeding ground for germs.

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