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Enhancing communication and sociability skills with daycare equipment

daycare equipment

Recently I send my two kids to a premier daycare center in my city. I was really very impressed seeing their overall development there. Not only was their motor skills properly developed, my kids have also become highly interactive and energetic, learning new things everyday. I was curious to know about the methods and equipment utilized, and they mentioned a number of equipments for enhancing the communication and sociability skills amongst children.  These were really unique and effective.

Childhood is the most important learning phase in a child’s life and the learning process must be enjoyable and interesting for them. Preschools and daycare centers provide almost similar types of commercial facilities, the only difference being in the time schedule. In Preschools only children belonging to the age group of three to five are entertained with organized learning activities.

Here the communication skills of the young children are enhanced through different First Signs Classroom Carpet. These signs help them very much to express their requirement. They are available in various sizes. Different active daycare equipment like – Ball pools, climbers – 3 seater, Rocker –Seesaw, Balance Base, Balance Beam, Eduring, Feber Phanty Pic-N-Rock, Multi Match Sensory Discs, Play House Cube, Red Rocker, Sensory Stepping Stones, Step Bridge, Step Rocking Boat lofts help the children in their brain and physical development.  

Communication is essential to development and growth in life. Therefore it is important that children from a very age learn to understand the various ways and means of communication, which would help them master sociability skills and methods of conflict resolution starting in their formative years.  Dramatization is an excellent means of teaching communication and expression in children. Dramatization equipments help in shaping up a child’s expression, and builds up his language capability. It is an interesting way of teaching children using these equipments. These equipments help in explaining the situation and characters to the children in a fruitful way. Some of the dramatic play equipments include – dolls, various dress up sets, food sets, kitchen sets, pretend play, puppet play etc.

daycare equipment

In preschool, Ethnic Puppets, Multicultural Puppets, Career Puppets, different Puppet partners, different community helper puppet, are used in a fun filled way to develop communication skills. While using these puppets ,children learn about the basic structure of the society, the various kinds of relationships, the different roles of people in a community and about the desirable social behaviour in the society whether at home, in school ,or with the society at large. Playing with different kinds of playground  equipment will also help develop sociability skills, where children will learn to share and care about others . They also learn how to resolve a conflict , if one arises while playing. Conflict is natural outcome which occurs while people do something together, and it can be resolved too. However, bullying is something which is really worrying. Bullies can be harmful to young children.I was really impressed by the way the children at my kids daycare were taught to manage bullies.


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