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Maintenance of daycare equipment

daycare equipment

Being a Daycare owner I feel safety is the first and most important factor to run a Daycare successfully. So, I always try to give special focus to the regular maintenance of my daycare equipments. Before choosing a Daycare, the parents always think about its facility, and without proper and regular maintenance you will not be able to provide a high quality of facility. Now I am going to discuss the proper way of maintaining the different equipments, to keep them safe and clean.

Magnetic equipment such as Magnetic Sea Life Table, Magnetic Apple Maze, Magnetic Dinosaur Maze and others will offer lifetime accuracy. Keep all the magnetic equipment from other magnetic equipment, steel or other iron object, electrical devices like cell phones, watches or radio speakers. Clean the magnetic equipment with clean and damp cloth to keep it free from dirt. Store this type of equipment away from high temperature or direct sunlight.

During childhood, toys and playground equipment are the most encouraging things to share but unclean toys can be harmful to a child’s health. If you follow some tips, the toys of your Daycare will be in clean and safe condition. Young children always place their toys in the mouth. To avoid infection, clean and wash the toy before giving it to another infant to play. You can wash the toys with soap or bleach. If you use bleach, about no bleach is left on them. But I feel a little bit uncomfortable with bleach. Using dishwasher is a great way to disinfect or you can try with twisty ties. You can use washer to clean plush animals and dry them in dryer. Electronic toys must be washed by hand. You can learn the best cleaning process from the label or if you want to learn more, make a call at the customer service. Remember dirty toys can cause health hazards.

Furniture is an important daycare equipment that needs special maintenance. Regular dusting, polishing and repairing of small scratches can increase your furniture’s longevity.

To make your Daycare appliances smooth running and hassel-free, regular servicing is mandatory. Improper and irregular maintenance can cause needless expense and make the warranty of your appliances null and void. To avoid major investment, large appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, microwave should be well maintained so that it extends lifetime.

daycare equipment

Computer is nowadays part and parcel in children’s life. To keep it in a healthy condition, it should be placed in the dry area of a room and kept away from dampness . Safety caps must be used on electrical outlet. Donated computer must be checked for different signs of wear. As an important Daycare equipment, it should be checked on regular basis with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Poor maintenance and deterioration of equipment can cause several accidents which will lead to the loss of goodwill of a Daycare center. All Daycare equipment must be properly sent to the best service provider to make the life of Daycare comfortable. 

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