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Essential manipulative day care supplies for developing Sensory and Motor skills

day care supplies 

The overall growth of a child is marked by his complete development of the gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and the sensory skills. The Gross Motor skills help in the movement of the body from one place to the other with the use of the larger muscles of the body, and the Fine Motor skills help in the manipulative movement of specific parts of the body like hand or feet.  Sensory skills helps a child to understand his immediate and distance surroundings of the world that he lives in, and involves the use of the five sense organs – touch, taste, smell sight and hearing. This is why schools,  preschools, and daycare centers ensure that the children left in their custody by the parents, are all properly exposed to appropriate daycare supplies suitable to their age.          


 Daycares and preschools focus on developing the gross motor skills and fine motor skills of children using important daycare supplies like toys and games like building blocks, Big Block Set – Set A & B, Rainbow Blocks-Crystal Bead, Block Mates – Dinosaur,  Rainbow Blocks – Shimmering Water, Block Mates – Farm, Block Mates –Safari, Grid Blocks – 16 Piece Set, Rainbow Blocks Set, Stacking Rainbow Pyramid, Octagon Creative Blocks, sturdiblock set, Popular wood blocks for children -5 pc, Abel Block Set, Hardwood Unit Block Set, Arches and Tunnels, Beginner Block Set – 75 pieces, Hollow Block Set – 18 pieces,Full Unit Block Set  – 680 pieces, Intermediate Block Set – 118 pieces, Four Color Pie Mat, “Spring” Mat, Fish Bowl Mat, Half Circle Activity Mat, Ladybug Activity Mat, soft climbers.


 Sensory play helps develop fine as well as gross motor skills by using manipulative sensory materials such as sifting, lifting, pouring, carrying, molding etc.  It also nurtures creativity amongst children with the use of a large variety of daycare supplies that are creative and new in idea. Children should be allowed to use them as they consider it suitable without thinking about the end product.  Sensory plays also helps build self-confidence, as well as self esteem in kids. This positive self esteem enables them to make decisions and choices and plans, directed to their individual goals. It also enhances the sociability skills of the children, as they interact , building their language capability too. They learn ways of conflict resolution for solving problems together, besides helping in their cognitive development. In the process of cognitive development, they learn to observe by sensory plays, learn experimenting, formulating solutions, counting, sequencing, grouping, constructing, etc.

 day care supplies

However , Sensory Skills in children at Daycare center are developed with the help of a lot of things. These manipulative daycare supplies include Multi Match Sensory Discs, Red Rocker, Play House Cube, Red Rocker With Rails, Step Bridge, Sensory Stepping Stones, Toddler Low to the Ground Tunnel, Tent,

Step Rocking Boat, puzzles, Tool Box with Tool Rack, Sandbox with Lid, Swing Sets, etc.  The developmental play cube is also an excellent daycare supply for developing sensory skills in children. Development of sensory skills being an indispensible component of child education must be taken care of appropriately using proper day care supplies





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