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Importance of crib accessories at daycare cribs

daycare cribs

After opening my Daycare successfully at my basement, I had purchased modular Daycare cribs along with crib accessories to make the sleeping space safe and comfortable. Daycare cribs must be well arranged with proper crib accessories for a child’s safe and deep sleep.

Research says that the accident due to suffocation in cluttered cribs are increasing, and to avoid this, parents or Daycare owners must keep the cribs empty and separate their crib while sleeping. High quality, stylish and simple crib accessories with single piece are perfect to stimulate the child development as well as to decorate the Daycare. There are a wide range of crib accessories such as Angeles White Blanket, Compact Replacement Mattress 3″, Crib Mattress, Crib Sheet and many more that ensures safe sleep with elegant style.

2″ Compact Size Crib Mattress– Foam- This is covered with non-allergenic, heavy-duty vinyl cover that protects from mildew and moisture. Its dense and supportive foam gives extra comfort and makes it durable. The special design of locking-stitch decreases the risk of fraying.

Angeles White Blanket– This protect the little kids from cold while sleeping. This high quality, attractive white blanket are 100% Cotton with 36″ x 54″ dimensions.

Angeles Compact Replacement Mattress 3″– They are just like 2″ Compact Size Crib Mattress, only the difference is in size and all are fit for ANGELES cribs.

Crib Mattress– They are perfect for Whitney cribs.

Crib Sheet– These are fitted tightly on four corners of Whitney cribs. In this crib sheet 65% are in polyester and 35% are in cotton.

DuraLoft Foam 3″ Crib Mattresses – Compact Size Crib- They are also just like 2″ Compact Size Crib Mattress, the difference only being in size and all are fit for compact or portable cribs.

Fitted sheets for Basic & Super KinderMat – Set of 12- All these light blue fitted sheet are machine washable and perfect for Basic & Super KinderMat carton of 12.

Fitted sheets for Therapeutic, DayDreamer, EnduroMat, Heavy-Duty Mats -Set of 12– They are perfectly fitted for Therapeutic, EnduroMat, DayDreamer and Heavy-Duty Mats.

Foundations Evacuation Frame – Natural Crib- The Solid steel SafeSupport frame provide strength with durability and are well fitted for Foundations SafetyCraft, Serenity and Biltmore Compact Cribs.

daycare cribs

Natural Crib Drawer– This crib accessory is made of American hardwood, having natural finish with several rooms to keep diapers, sheets and other accessories. It is perfect for ANGELES cribs. It’s high quality with 5 year warranty ensures longevity of the product.

The Daycare owner can also try for other accessories for his Daycare cribs such as  Foundations Full Size Crib Mattress, Professional Series 3″ Full-Size Mattress-Foam, Professional Series 4″ Compact Size Mattress-Foam, Professional Series 4″ Full-Size Mattress-Foam, Professional Series 5″ Full-Size Mattress-Foam, SafeFit Elastic Fitted Sheets – Compact Size Cribs, SafeFit Zippered Sheets – Compact / Portable Cribs. To ensure safety, all the accessories must meet the CFR 1633 fire standard and the Daycare owner must follow the guidance of crib manufacturers to perfectly size the accessories for the particular Daycare cribs.

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