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Need for dropgate cribs

daycare cribs

One of our customers shared the following advice regarding daycare cribs:  When I started my well-designed daycare it was tough for me to decide on how to replace my old drop gate cribs. Then I took advice from my best friend who was also a renowned daycare owner. She suggested that I purchase  the new Compact Drop Gate cribs.  They have been redesigned to meet all new safety regulations and are fully compliant.

After doing some research, I realized  that the new cribs provide the same access to children as the old cribs but with safe and secure stationary sides.  The only moving part is the gate, carefully designed to be high and smaill — so as to help the caregiver without risk to the child.  When I was ready to order, I realized that each crib comes with a antimiicrobial mattress, which can be wiped down, if necessary.

To ensure safety of infants at my daycare center under the recent CPSC regulation passed 16 CFR 1219 (the new standard for full-size cribs) or 16 CFR 1220 (the new standard for non-full-size cribs), I have bought the following products: Biltmore Fixed Side Compact Crib Clearview White, Biltmore SafeReach Compact Crib, Clearview Natural, Chelsea Steel Crib, Compact Drop-Gate- Natural-Clear/Mirror Panels,  Compact Fixed-Side, Natural-Clear/Mirror Panels, Foundations Evacuation Frame – Natural Crib, First Responder Evacuation Crib, Foundations Evacuation Frame – Natural Crib, Foundations Evacuation Frame – White Cribs, Pinnacle Compact Folding Portable Crib with Innerspring Mattress along with mattress accessories such as 2″ Compact Size Crib Mattress- Foam, Compact Replacement Mattress 3″, DuraLoft Foam 3″ Crib Mattresses – Compact Size Crib, Fitted sheets for Basic & Super KinderMat – Set of 12, Fitted sheets for Therapeutic, DayDreamer, EnduroMat, Heavy-Duty Mats -Set of 12, Foundations Evacuation Frame – Natural Crib, Foundations Evacuation Frame – White Cribs, Natural Crib Drawer, Professional Series 5″ Full-Size Mattress-Foam, SafeFit Elastic Fitted Sheets – Compact Size Cribs, SafeFit Zippered Sheets – Compact / Portable Cribs.

daycare cribs

This recent change in regulations makes it necessary to to have cribs that conform to these regulations. The licensed Daycare owner must arrange the sleeping place in crib on a tight mattress in a fitted crib without any soft products like pillow, comforters, pillow-like stuffed toys, quilts, pillows comforters and sheepskin. Under section 245A.146 all Daycare owner must provide the Daycare cribs requirements. These rules and requirements are best evidence to prove the need of Daycare cribs. To provide certificates are not mandatory for retailers but parents can ask for their children’s safety.


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