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Manipulatives as inevitable daycare supplies

daycare supplies

Daycare supplies which make a child’s day to day activities more interesting and fulfilling are the varied number of manipulatives manufactured by childcare wholesalers taking into account a child’s interests and capabilities. Parents and teachers are always advised to make these manipulatives, an inevitable addition to their inventory of daycare supplies.

 Learning skills which are very basic such as recognition and demarcation of shape and color, visual tracking and effective coordination of eye and limbs can be incorporated with ease with fascinating daycare supplies.

 Caregivers can surely use Bead Mazes like the very popular Space Coaster which can be treated as the first building block to nurture creativity and intellect. Gift a child the Mini Curves ‘n waves table and see it acquire the basic skills through fun and play. Moreover this being a 4 member play a child simultaneously learns group activity. Introduce a child to counting through a counting abacus called the Ten Counter. Here ten arches hold 1 to 10 beads and each of these beads have numerals and quantity of objects written on them.                               


The educational manipulatives which promotes the ability to decipher a particular language and deliver it in writing can be best taught through Magnetic Trace A Letter which consists of magnetic wands and each of the letter boards is unique with a corresponding  associated picture and word printed on it. A child traces the 26 alphabets with the magnetic wands and in the process learns to recognize each letter. Classification skills and logical thinking can be boosted by the aid ofShape ‘n Color Coaster. The knowledge of shapes, shape names, counting, grouping, colors is imprinted in the child’s mind through these kinds of daycare supplies.


The motor skills are well nurtured through the use of a Parachute Play where the awareness regarding coordination, movement and balance is developed and muscle tone is enhanced. The moveable mouth of the parachute cloth fits all hand sizes and makes an entertaining playing item. The Mini Circle of Fun Activity Table comprises of four puzzle benches, each featuring a different toy to nurture developmental play. Individual as well as group participation are encouraged.

daycare supplies                         

 Learning environment can be built at home with Sand Water & Discovery Tables. A complete science project of your choice like the butterfly house, a ladybug habitat, etc. can be created.  The Sand play table and the Sand and Water Activity Center are important manipulatives to make your child know about the elements of nature.


The Child Magazine Best Toy Pick among daycare supplies is the 1 to 5 Ring Counter which enhances Sensory Skills of a child. The color coded numbers on the base are a way of making the child place the rings in correct order. The Developmental Play Cube, a cube in the form of four sided solid foam and vinyl cover is an interesting method to enforce manual dexterity.  Manipulatives stimulate creative thinking and develops a child’s intellect by making him/her more keen to improvise and innovate.


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