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Educational Manipulatives as essential day care supplies

  day care supplies                 

 Educational manipulatives prove to be absolutely essential component of regular daycare supplies as these make the experiences of both learning and teaching full of fun. They prove to be indispensible in imparting new age teaching mechanisms, in school, daycare centers as well as by parents at home.


 There are several educational manipulatives manufactured by Anatex. Parents and daycare caregivers as well as school teachers can incorporate The Geo-Lastic  Art as it is safe even for the smallest kid who gets exposed to basic geometry, letters, and numbers. Soft elastic bands and plastic pegs with smooth endings are attached to the board to give firmness and safety.       


 Magnetic Trace a Letter, a unique educational manipulative, helps children develop early writing skills. To teach a child the 26 letters of the alphabet, the magnetic wands provided with each of the letters are used to trace the alphabets. The boards are unique with corresponding associated pictures and words printed on them to make recognition easy. These promote language art skills.

 day care supplies                         

 Pathfinder, another appealing manipulative creates an environment of travelling with a hint of adventure. The child in the process of guiding the beads along designated paths to get to a pre assigned final destination learns to use his innate sense of logical thinking, visual monitoring and hand-eye coordination. The routes are chosen with pattern cards as the child advances with the beads forward and backward.


 Gift the smallest member of your family with the Shape ‘n color Coaster to make them pro at classification skills. It also stimulates in the course of fun play. The children discover the fun of recognizing shapes , names of individual shapes, colors, counting, as well as grouping. It serves as an abacus.


 Universal 4 pack activity panels make unique play stations for kids’ activities. It comprises of magnetic marker boards with alphabet letters. It is pegged on the sides and is available in 7 colors. These daycare supplies are instances of how indispensable these have turned out to be in imparting education to the children from the age of 3 and above.


 Developing sensory skills, an essential component of child education, can be easily done with the assimilation of educational manipulatives. The Developmental Play Cube is a very good example amongst daycare supplies. The child becomes trained to manually handle the different objects and takes care of his/ her balance simultaneously. The 1 to 5 Ring Counter, voted as the ‘Best Top Pick’ by the Child Magazine, is a very popular tool for the purpose of enhancing the child’s natural ability to sense and count.


 Thus all those who are associated with child care must have access to the educational manipulatives as without these one cannot impart overall educational and general awareness programmes to today’s children. The different teaching modules can be chosen from a wide range of manipulatives according to the age and learning capabilities of each child.




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