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Popular child care furniture of this decade

child care furniture

The evolution of child care furniture in the past decade is trend setting in all possible senses as child care has reached a new dimension with the modern customized furniture. The sleek lines interspersed with contemporary designs make the furniture of every day use attractive and appealing to all. The furniture are customized in such a manner that the same will function as storage areas when the kids are older and use them for piling books, toys, gears, clothes in the desks, shelves, beds, and dressers.

The most popular nursery furniture apart from cribs and cradles are changing tables, gliders, rocking chairs, book case in the shape of a tree and storage beds with conversion rails. The beds with baby blankets and rugs are well liked by parents. The changing tables with proper cushioning are a must to give a comfortable change to the baby. The rocking chairs with back support and handle adjustments give a gentle rock to the baby while sleeping or playing. The conversion rails attached to baby beds give extra support and security. The nursery décor is done with kid’s wall art. The last decade saw a modern child’s bedroom decked up with night stands and dressers. Toy boxes and book cases of various designs were well liked.

Child care furniture encompasses nursing and feeding accessories as well as bathing and toilet items. For nursing and feeding purpose pacifiers and teethers come handy. Burp cloths are used while feeding and weaning and high chairs with baby support make feeding more comfortable for both the child and the mother. A play tray attached high chair is very popular. Child cup holder, self levelling drink holder, snack holders  are available in colorful hues and attractive shapes to make a child eager to hold one and learn to have her food and drink on her own.

Bath and toilet accessories like bath tubs, diapers, diaper bags, towels and linens make bathing and cleaning a hassle free task and are popular too. Gears like loungers, bouncers, swings and slides for outdoor activity are fashionable furniture and bought for usage for personal as well as for installation in preschools and amusement parks. Strollers, car seats, and diaper bags are in style for a comfortable ride or a day outing. The cushions used in chairs and car seats are made from cotton and phthalate-free polyurethane and ensures protection of the child from any allergic reactions.

child care furniture

Child care furniture in a child’s playroom may include activity trays, wheeled vehicles, ride on toys, bath toys, play kitchens and accessories, dollhouses, stuffed animals and puppets. A puppet theatre is highly popular which can be reassembled by folding the shutters when not in use.

 With each decade the evolutionary trend of child care furniture is found to be more fashionable and affordable compared to the older versions used by the prior generations. More durable and trendy furniture are replacing the heavier and bulky ones to make them look good and be useful at the same time.           


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