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Designing daycare furniture for pre school

Daycare furniture

 Designing day care furniture has quite a few key considerations. First of all you need to      know the requirements for the furniture. It should suit the age groups that you are  managing. Next, the amount of space that you have is important. It consists of the classroom space and the playground. Finally you need to consider your budget. There is a wide variety of day care furniture available in the market today and it is important   to make the right choice based on the considerations that we just discussed.

Chairs and tables are a must for every pre school. These come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The tables can be used both for activities as well as for feeding purposes. You will need cots and mats for the toddlers to take rest. In the case of cots you need to see that they are sturdy and the mattress will not sag after repeated use. Also you should be able to easily stack them in the least of space. Activity mats come in a range of colors, sizes and designs. These are generally washable. An important criteria for selection of mats is that they should be soft and allow a kid to roll and tumble without getting hurt.

Next comes a wide range of storage items. The children need to store their belongings. There are storage spaces required for books, toys and activity items. Cubbie storage spaces provide a safe and useful storage space. For additional safety, lockers can be used.

A number of play furniture is required as part of the day care furniture for pre schools.These typically consists of sand and water table, toy kitchen furniture, tricyles, bicycles, scooters, etc. Along with them come a number of toys for the children to play with. Wooden toys are popular items, they are light and safe. A wooden wheel barrow, wooden doll beds and doll furniture are all popular items for children. Wooden and plastic blocks and puzzles are a must for any pre school. They are an effective aid for learning geometric patterns and problem solving techniques. A child plays with them on his own or in a group.

You will need a variety of boards for setting up your pre school. These consist of white boards, bulletin boards and notice boards.

Daycare furniture

On the playground front, a number of day care furniture items will need to be installed. Outdoor games are not only necessary for development of physical strength, it also allows the children to play creatively. By doing vigorous activity, and in groups, the child develops imagination, problem solving techniques and the ability to work in a group.

Apart from the usual swings and slides, the manufacturers of these equipment have come up with many innovative designs. It requires a number of activities for the child to do like climbing, jumping, running, sliding, etc. to play in these equipment. Some of these setups are pretty large and hence you will need ample space to accommodate them. 

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