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Market for Daycare Supplies And Equipment

daycare supplies

Recent research gives out a positive as well as interesting relationship between cognitive skills and the success of labour market. As a professional, I always agree that children reared in high quality daycare are superior in socially, emotionally and intellectually. It is not easy to understand the operating system of day market and its relation with quality. Its importance lies at both federal and state levels to devise mechanism in the improvement of quality child care with the growth of market.

 Production quality

The two concepts are quite distinct but closely related to each other. Structural quality stresses on variables such as class room size, child-ratio, and average education whereas process quality emphasizes on the natural interaction between service provider, the children and their activity.

Our knowledge to increase quality are limited though significant to establish structural characteristics’ such as staff-child ratios, average teacher education, the magnitude of relationship and training.

The reason of low quality

On an average, childcare quality is very low but to some extent if parents are involved in measures to increase the quality of childcare and evaluate its level, the purchase of Daycare supplies and equipment will increase. Due to the lack of parent’s interest the quality is low. Their little interest and cooperation adds another mileage to Daycare services with their Daycare supplies and equipment. As parents are not well informed about the quality of the services, their lack of knowledge obstructs smooth operation in various dimensions. Under this circumstances, good quality centers leave the market with the fall of average quality and the market is filled primarily with “lemons” that provide mediocre quality.

Regulations and subsidies

The non-symmetrical information between sellers and buyers regarding the quality of a product is one of the main motivations for the implementation of regulations. This regulations ensured to protect customers where the quality level is acceptable. Another justification is the association of positive externalities with high quality provision. Market researchers claims that if consumers determine the quality level, the implemented regulation will be desirable.

daycare supplies


According to child experts in the United States, the average center-based child care quality is very low. At the time of purchasing service, parents have to face difficulty in assessing the right product. Non-profit organizations provide no solution to this problem as there is no behavioral difference in production and supply. Regulation maybe needed to eliminate the low quality distribution. Only regulation is not enough to improve the quality of daycare supplies equipment due to the low compliance and unhealthy association. Consumer policies are much more promising to guide and provide price subsidies which are probable policy options to improve quality.

Though current research in child development reports a positive approach between child care quality and related outcomes, the results are having casual interpretation due to  design and statistical analysis problems. Therefore, a fruitful direction in research need to estimate actual market of childcare supplies and equipment.



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